• When: 2019-08-17
  • QIC: Cornstache & RA
  • The PAX: Quickbooks, Venti, Garnish, Okra, McNugget, Staccato, Conrstache, RA, (and 1 more who YHC is blanking on)

Battle Report 8/17/19

Conditions: Its August in Columbia, SC, what do you think?

The Thang:

Cornstache up first…

Grab Battle pavers and run up Falcon. Stop at Entrance for a variety of warm up exercises. Run to Muv Fitness, repeat exercises, Run to Belmont, repeat, Run to Rutland to the hill to nowhere.

Top of Rutland hill: 10 8-count man-makers (squat, plank, merkin, lateral row right, lateral row left, jump into squat, overhead press), Bottom of Rutland hill: 10 LBCs. Continue ladder for 20 minutes counting down by 1 each set.

Pax=smoked already

RA up next…

Run back to Muv Fitness with Battle Pavers. Halfway back, form one line and perform Overhead Press (25), Curls (25) while moving forward to parking lot. Rest of workout performed so those going to look at the ferns knew they had a free option available

Partner up. Partner 1… 10 yards lunge walk, 10 yard Broad Jump, 10 yard Frank Martin to the left, 10 yard Frank Martin to the right. Sprint back and swap. Partner 2… Jump rope until Partner 1 returns, each time the rope stops, 5 merkins.

Rinse and repeat.

Round 2, Partner 1 10 yard bear crawl, 10 yard sideways bear crawl to the right, 10 yard sideways bear crawl to the left, 10 yard inchworms. Sprint Back and swap. Partner 2…Jump rope until Partner 1 returns, each time the rope stops, 10 squats.

Pause for some Mary…25 Flutter kicks IC, 25 Iron Cross OYO, 25 LBCs OYO

Repeat round 2.

Grab Battle Pavers…Mosey then form 1 line, Overhead Press (25), Front Raises (25), Curls (25), Flys (25), Mosey, repeat, Fast Mosey to the brickpile.


Announcements. Prayer requests lifted by Venti, QuickBooks, and Garnish.