• When: 11/19/2015
  • QIC: Hee-Haw
  • The PAX: Oliver, Dreamland, Flip Flop, Biggie Smalls, Borat, Bumble Bee, The Don, Tin Tin

2nd Round of Q-101 at the Spur

This is the second time YHC has brought Q-101 to the Spur, and YHC was happy to do it. While numbers have not been huge at the Spur, YHC believes there is a good core group of men there, and that it is only a matter of time before things really start to grow at F3’s first, and only, AO on a College Campus.

Here’s what happened:


Introduction to Q-101

Before we got things rolling, YHC took some time to really talk about what Q-101 is and why we are doing it. Of the 9 present, 5 had never led a workout before. That’s exactly what Q-101 was designed for, and one of the main reasons we are doing this.

The Thang:

Fast Mosey up Wheat Street, left through the Faculty parking lot, and into the small fields beside East Quad between Blossom and Wheat. Circle Up:

At this point we went over “How to call an Exercise” and “How to Count.” We also covered command voice, attention to detail, setting a good example and engaging the pax.

Side Straddle Hops (SSH) x 25, In Cadence (IC) 4 CT
Merkins x 15, IC 4 CT
Mountain Climbers x 25, IC 4 CT
Squats x 20, IC 4 CT

[During this COP the pax were reminded on the importance of Cadence. That Cadence has to match the movement, and that each exercise has its own Cadence.]


Mosey to intersection of Blossom and Bull, hold High Plank while we wait on Light to change.

Cross street, and take a Left into the bottom level of the Bull Street Parking Garage, circle up:

In YHC’s humble opinion, one of the main reasons F3 works is it breeds Accountability and Encouragement, and that is exactly what these partner sets are designed to do. If you’ve been reading the Q-101 back blasts, you’ll notice YHC always includes some form of partner work in the workout, and YHC would encourage all Q’s to try and work in some partner stuff into their Q’s.

100 Partner Merkins (P1 does 10 Merkins, while P2 holds High Plank; flip-flop; rinse and repeat until group reaches 100)
Hold High Plank until all groups finish.

100 Partner Squats (P1 does 10 Squats, while P2 holds Air Chair; flip-flop; rinse and repeat until group reaches 100)
Hold Air Chair until all groups finish

100 Partner Little Baby Crunches (LBCs) (P1 does 10 LBCs, while P2 holds 6 Inches; flip-flop; rinse and repeat until group reaches 100, but do not let your heels touch the ground)
Hold 6 inches until all groups finish

Straight into Flutter Kicks x 36, IC 4 CT

(This was YHC’s first sanctioned F3 workout as a 36 year old, so had to do it)

[During this section we focused on the importance of clear instructions. You may have a great idea, but you have to be able to clearly communicate that to the pax if you want them to do it. Also, the pax were reminded on the importance of holding each other accountable, while also encouraging each other.]

Fast Mosey around to first incline in the parking deck. Line up facing the Incline:

Sprint incline to the turn, complete 10 Merkins and 10 LBC’s, then make the turn and Sprint the flat section until you reach the next turn at the base of the next Incline, complete 10 Merkins and 10 LBC’s, then hold 6 inches until the 6 arrives.

Rinse and Repeat for 3 Parking Decks.

At fourth Parking Deck, Double Column Indian Run around to next incline. 20 Merkins and 20 LBC’s OYO, hold High Plank until all finish.

[Portions of a workout like this, allow the Q to test each man, regardless of fitness level. The Round is done as fast as possible, with everyone holding 6 inches or high plank when they finish, until the 6 arrives. This allows your Sugar Rays to fly through it, and your Clydesdales to work at their own pace. The key to this type of call is to give clear and concise instructions. Have a plan and communicate it well, and the pax will be smoked at the end.]

Mosey around to the covered bridge over Blossom Street, and Circle Up in the Bridge for Dealer’s Choice:

The focus of this portion of the workout was about getting the “How to Call an Exercise” and “How to Count” right. YHC has learned that this IS the most important part of Q-101, because it’s one thing to attend bootcamps and watch people Q, it’s a totally different thing to be thrust into the middle of the circle and have to call the exercise and the count. YHC submits that experience gives a Q-to-be something to draw on and learn from when they have their VQ. We only called on the 5 pax that had never led a workout, and they responded very well.

Flip Flop – 5 Squats, IC 4 CT
Oliver – 5 SSHs, IC 4 CT
? – 5 Imperial Walkers, IC 4 CT
? – 5 Merkins, IC 4 CT
? – 5 Flutter Kicks, IC 4 CT

Mosey down the stairs and hill, back to the Shovel Flag and Circle up.

By this point we were running short on time, so we jumped straight into the “why” of Q-101. The pax were reminded that we should always be getting better each time we lead, just like everything we put our time and effort to in life. “If you aren’t getting better, you’re getting worse.” Relayed the story Dredd tells in Freed 2 Lead about Drill Sergeant school, and then owned up to mistakes YHC made while Q-ing today. If you start to fall, dive.

Also, talked a great deal about duties of the Q, having a plan, and making sure you remember that when you Q it is not about YOU it is about the PAX.


BOM – Hee-Haw


To be honest YHC was pleasantly surprised to see 9 show up to Spur on a rainy morning like today. That shows there is a dedicated, core group at this AO, and YHC believes big things are in store in the future at Spur. Many of you might not know it, but Spur’s AOQ has been on the DL with a Shoulder injury, yet their numbers haven’t dipped. Other pax have stepped up and shouldered the leadership of the group. That’s what F3 is about. Building Leaders.


– P200 teams are still being formed. The P200 is a great opportunity for those who would like to be a part of a relay team. It’s also a great opportunity for relay veterans to ramp it up a notch and do something crazy like an ultra team #choosetheharderthing. Beacon is the F3 Columbia Event Q. Check out the Pre-Blast HERE. Race is capped at 115 teams, and at last count there were 75 teams already signed up. Also, price goes up at the end of the month.

-F3’s 5 year anniversary is going to be celebrated in Charlotte on March 5, 2016. Mark your calendar. Event is M friendly, and should be huge. Don’t miss it.

-F3 Columbia’s Christmas Party is December 15, 2015 at King’s Grant. Get with Boris for the details.

Other Stuff

That’s all…for now

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