• When: 2018-08-28
  • QIC: Dominion
  • The PAX: Upcharge, Wee Wee, Drysdale, Abner, Pole Dance, Butt Dial, 2 Star, Nail Pop, Cyclone, Saget, Rain Man, FNG (Refurb), Pi, Key Chain, Rec, Dominion

16 Pax Take on the Wheel

16 Pax use the Wheel to Roll back rates.

Conditions: Upper 70’s and 1000% Humidity

2 min warning, 1 min warning, Intro, Not A Professional, 1 FNG, Prayer

The Thang:


SSH IC x15
1 Burpee
TTT IC x15
2 Burpees
3 Burpees
Michael Phelps IC x15
4 burpees
Imperial walkers IC x15
5 burpees

Grab Blocks

Wheel of fortune – Roll Back Rates

One person does 11 rolls on the Wheel.
Everyone else rotates to different stations – once we do 11 rolls, we go to next station.

1. Overhead press
2. CFG
3. Merkins moving block underneath
4. Triceps
5. Block sit ups
Mosey to side
6. Merkins
Run to middle of parking lot – sideways run between poles
Mosey to circle
7. Squats
8. Flutter kicks
Mosey to wall
9. Wall sit
Run to benches behind cafeteria
10. Step ups on benches
11. Repeat step ups on benches
12. Run to blocks and oh press
13. cfg
14. Kettlebell swings
15. BB Sit ups
16. Squats with block
17. Block raises (straight back and no bending knees)
18. Lawnmower pulls

Return blocks

Mosey to starting spot

Everyone in circle with legs raised

One pax runs the circle and knocks down all their legs – rotate until everyone goes.

Recover to flag


BRR 9/8
Wee Wee with leg friendly Qs next week ahead of BRR
Hollow on Saturday
Smokehouse event on 9/22
Escobar organizing west side Wildcat – 18 miles between different AOs 12/1
Northside Baptist 5K September 8 7:30 – Missionaries in other countries
Second F event soon
Christmas party in December

Prayer Requests:

Turner Family
Geek Squad mother passed away
Suzanne Johnson
Pole Dance Mother doing better


Naming of FNG – Brandon Heydt, 33, Lexington, Best Buy Sales – Refrub