• When: 2019-05-14
  • QIC: Pot Hole
  • The PAX: Antman, Sully, Game Plan, Abby Wombach (respect), Mayplant (mad respect), DuFrene (respect), Schrute, Bolt (respect), Cornwallis, Tweetsie, Wojo, Snooki, Mayhem (respect), Timber, Big Load, Sacagawea (respect), Flight Risk, Stats (respect), Skipper, Abacus, Neon (respect)


Conditions: Brisk 50o & clear skies.

21 posted in support of Pothole and each other in the crisp gloom. As always, in order to provide prime entertainment for the local running groups, Pothole digs into the Lexicon and selects many off-the-wall activities for a humorous, feel-good, circuit.

Following his usual routine, in a surprise moment, Pothole passes on Pine Street hill and sends the PAX to Hobkirk Court hill. These are Pothole’s stomping grounds, and he shares memories of playing “kick the can” on this very street. During the circuit, the PAX emulates “kick the can” by having one group locked in “jail” and the other group kicking the can to free the first group. The PAX is reminded that during times of trouble or times when we feel stuck and unable to recover, our F3 brothers are ready to set us free.



Thru-the-tunnel X 10 IC

Windmill X 10 IC

Mosey to SE corner of AO

Travoltas X 10 IC, flapjack (5 or 6 runners passed right through the COP.. right on time!)

Moroccan Nightclubs X 10 IC

Carioca to NE corner of AO

Nancy Kerrigans X 10 IC, flapjack

Carolina Dry Docks X 20 OYO

High Knees & Frankensteins to NW corner of AO

Peter Parkers X 20 OYO

Rosalita Dollies X 20 OYO

Chinook Squats X 10 OYO (another group of runners passing through!)

Indian Run to Pine Street

Play it Cool OYO

Mosey to Hobkirk Court Hill

LBAC X 20 OYO, flapjack

The Thang

Kick the Can DORA

Group 1 head to 1814 Hobkirk – Squats X 50 OYO

Group 2 – Merkins X 40 OYO then head to Group 1

Group 1 head to Pine Street – Iron Crosses X 60 OYO

Group 2 – Squats X 50 OYO then head to Group 1

Group 1 head to Lyttleton St – Merkins X 40 OYO

Group 2 – Iron Crosses X 60 OYO then head to Lyttleton

Dancing Bear X 10 OYO

Raise the Roof X 50 OYO

Indian Run to NW corner of AO

Parker Peters X 20 OYO

LBC’s X 50 OYO

Grab coupons and mosey to COP

Bravoltas X 10 OYO, flapjack

Flutter Kicks X 20 OYO


Brancy Kerrigans X 10 OYO, flapjack

Brinook Squats X 10 OYO

Broroccan Night Clubs X 20 OYO

Plank Series

Dealer’s Choice

Upright Rows X 20 OYO

Burpees w/ bricks X 10 OYO

Curls X 50 OYO

Mosey to Shovel Flag for Count-O-Rama, COT, and BOM

Moleskin: Pothole forgot to call Hillbilly Rockettes and Dying Cockroaches. There’s always next Q.