• When: 2017-08-24
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Ken Doll, Notebook, Bing, Dooda, Big Box, Ponzi, Hot Rod, Taurasi (R), Buzzsaw (R), Elmers, Raft, Muggy Tape, Milk and Cookies, Cheers

Shawshank Redemption

Shawshank had 14 Pax come out to witness YHC’s redemption of “the worst” Q of all time. Apparently, some PAX thought that 500 Merkins wasn’t making anyone better during the last Q. Good thing there were better plans in place, even if it was a little lackluster in execution. It was good to see these guys in the gloom today.


Conditions: Hot, muggy

The Thang:

Burpees x 10
Indian Run x 1 around the track to brick pile.


Partner up
Partner 1 bear crawls to center of main soccer field. At the center of field squats x 50. Partner 2 follows beside curling bricks until squats are done. Partner 1 and 2 switch roles until P2 finishes squats.

P1 bear crawls to center of field and completes 50 Merkins. P2 curls through P1’s Merkins, then they switch, P2 bear crawls to starting point and completes 50 Merkins.

P1 lunges to center of the field, completes 50 BB sit-ups, while P2 shoulder presses bricks. They switch places until P2 completes 50 BB sit-ups.

P1 lunges back to center of field and completes 10 burpees, while P2 shoulder presses bricks. They switch places, and P2 finishes his burpees.

Put up bricks and head to picnic shelter.

At Shelter:

Step up x 15 each leg OC
Box jumps x 30 OC

Decline Merkins x 25 OC
Incline Merkins x 25 OC

LBC x 100 OC
Six Inches x 1 minute



Aug 26: Stomp the Swamp
Aug 26: Converge at Cryptonite or Boneyard
Need Qs for Shawshank in September


YHC forgot to ask, lots of unspoken prayers