• When: 2019-06-27
  • QIC: MacGruber
  • The PAX: Po, Ditch Witch, Squatter, All 9’s, Niles, Grave Digger, Chuck Wagon, Pop Off, Honey Boo Boo, Lumberg, Paper Jam, Brita, MacGrube

MacGruber’s Birthday Q

Posted for MacGruber…

I have never been one to do a back blast and this will serve as my first. I always had the thought process that if someone wants to know what we did that morning at BC then they should have showed up. Juice and I shared some thoughts on this and he was pretty emphatic that this is a topic he was willing to die on the mountain for. If there is something that dude feels that strongly about, maybe I need to reconsider my stance and put the effort into doing it on a regular basis. After all, we get out what we put in so here goes. It was a special birthday Q today and the support of the Pax was much appreciated. The number 35 kept coming up for some reason today.

Conditions: The weather was weather

1 minute warning

Disclaimer – Modifying was highly discouraged with the caveat – if your body tells you no then stop but don’t stop just because you don’t feel like it or want to give half effort. 110% effort is the standard expectation, ESPECIALLY at Ambush.


Mosey to the courtyard for COP

35 SSH IC followed by 2 burpees

30 SSH IC followed by 4 burpees

25 SSH IC followed by 6 burpees

20 SSH IC followed by 8 burpees

15 SSH IC followed by 10 burpees

10 SSH IC followed by 12 burpees

5 SSH IC followed by 14 burpees

Grab a bench and hammer out 35 dips on my count

35 jump squats OYO

Now that our heart rates were elevated from 140 SSH’s, arms juiced from 56 burpees and 35 dips while legs were screaming for oxygen the real exercise started and everyone moseyed to the block pile to grab a block. Niles persuaded me to do a slow mosey by holding me…..which partly worked.

The Thing: Start at the beginning of the breezeway – every other pole had an exercise on it to follow. Pax split up into 3 groups on 3 separate poles to spread out. The exercise had to be completed followed by a recovery period that entailed a run to the end of the breezeway and back to your block to advance to the next pole for the next exercise. The recovery period shortened as progress was made by advancing to the next pole but it didn’t bother the guys at all. The exercises were:

Lunges – x35

Block swings – x35

Bent over rows -x35

Napalms – x35

Merkins – x35

Overhead press – x35

American hammer w/ block – x35

Overhead block squats – x35

Curls for the girls – x35

Halo’s – x35 (thanks to Dunphy for introducing me to this, everyone hates it which means I like it even more)

Sumo Squats – x35

In total 651 reps where completed today. Thanks to the Hollow guys for joining my birthday Q and putting in 110% effort. We can certainly learn from those guys work ethic. I have worked out with them many times and that is a standard we should all expect and follow.

Recover to the flag:


*Paper Jam is putting together a 20 mile run on 4thof July followed up by a pool party at the Kompound. Contact him if interested

*Stomp the Swamp is coming up so sign up

*Contact MacGruber if interested in the kayak trip tomorrow – Need to know by 3:00 today if you want to go

Prayer Requests:

Honey Boo Boo & Chuck Wagon’s parents as they travel overseas on a mission trip

Izard family for peace in loss of father

Baconator for recovery

BRR teams are forming – sign up and train

Devo: I sat at home last night thinking about what to use and say. I had a couple different ideas, but I decided to keep it basic as that sometimes helps rather than trying to over complicate it. The most basic verse in the bible is of course John 3:16For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life (NIV). This is really what we need to focus on every day. Life can be very basic but sometimes we try and made it harder than it is. Believe in God for the sacrifice he made, follow him, spread his word, live by his rules you and you will be welcome into the gates of heaven. The best way to do this is just pray. God is not going to answer all of your prayers. He is not going to give you the winning lottery ticket numbers or have your football team make a last second field goal (I have been known to close eyes and bow my head and pray for a last second play to work for Carolina Football. It’s not that Carolina doesn’t end up making the play but me praying for a first down with 30 seconds on the clock is sort of silly. I’m not positive but I don’t think God cares if Carolina makes a first down in a game or not). The other half is to abide by the 10 commandments set forth. It’s an easy list to understand but a much harder list to follow. If you can pray and follow those 10 commandments I promise you will feel at peace.

Moleskin:  I wanted to take a second to reflect on my last year in F3. I know I started sometime in June but this birthday Q could serve as a b-day Q and 1 year Q together. The biggest asset I have seen from F3 is accountability. I have always been one to exercise but never at the level I am now. I would run consistently for a month and then quit because I didn’t have anyone to push/check on/call me. I would think of a reason to be lazy and not put the work in. Having guys shoot you a text or give you a call because a week of BC’s was missed means something to me personally and I know it does for the rest of F3 as well. I have made some great friendships over the past year, but I know that God had brought these men into my life for a reason. For that I am very appreciative. There are guys in F3 that I look up to because of their character and work ethic that I strive to be like. Every man needs someone to look up to and model after. No one is perfect but try and take various aspects of different individuals and put those together and become one outstanding human being!

Until next time………