• When: 2017-12-17
  • QIC: Half Sack
  • The PAX: Quizenberry 6 Foot Under Tardy Hostle Chedda Training Wheels Slumlord Swanson Fast Casual Pearl Boo Half Sack

Dirt Road Anthem

13 pax fantasized about warmer days and (tried to) contain their excitement about the dirt road Sunday Wander ruck

Counted off, Prayed up and took off

30ishº and clear

Right on South Church Street.  Left on Maiden Lane.  Right on 6.  Left on Railroad Avenue.  Left on Swartz Road.  Right on Dahlia Street.  Merge on Swartz Road.  Left on 1.  Right on Harmon Street.  Left on Efird Street.  Continue on Fort Street.  Right on 6.  Left on Maiden Lane.  Up the stairs to Icehouse.  Circle the parking lot twice (or something like that).  Finish.

3.5ish Miles

Due to Half Sack’s scheduling negligence, Half Sack took the Q.  Counted off, prayed for safe travels and took off.  Was a lot of chatter about GrowRuck, GoRuck  and such type events.  Chatter about work, wilting boxwood bushes and the creepy dirt road.  Once we hit Mt. Butler, a lot of chatter faded away…  Made it  back to Icehouse and called it a day.

Had a special visitor that didn’t manage to Wander…but it’s the thought that counts, right?  2nd F was overflowing

The Tyrannosaurus Rex was closer to seeing a live Miley Cyrus concert than to seeing a live Stegosaurus.  Now we really know why the T-Rex went extinct…

• All unspoken prayer requests
• Pearl’s mother (continued improvement)
• Tinkle’s child (Sprinkle)
• Beantown’s children
• Beantown

• Nativity Ruck @ Wander(12/24)
• Cottonmouth (12/30)
• New Years Convergence @ LHS (01/01)
• GrowRuck (01/26 through 01/28)
• Christmas Party (12/2018)