• When: 2017-07-21
  • QIC: Khakis
  • The PAX: Khakis, Puck, Hollywood, Happy Trees, Shankapotomus,  Defect

Animal Encounters

Date: 7/21/17

QIC: Khakis

Pax: Khakis, Puck, Hollywood, Happy Trees, Shankapotomus,  Defect

There was a 6 pack of Pax for the Rooster on Friday morning. If this 6 pack were a verity pack it was split evenly down the middle, 3 ruckers (obviously a smooth ale) and 3 runners (without a doubt a high ABV but bitter IPA).

The Ruckers:

The 3 ruckers (Defect, Hollywood, and Puck) set off on a favorite rucking route.

Right onto College St

Left on North Lee St

Right on Francis St

Note: This road is dark, very dark. How dark? Dark enough for one rucker to almost step on the crack head of the animal kingdom, the opossum. Had this been a raccoon or a fox or any other animal it would have seen the blinking lights and head lamps and run away, but this was a opossum. The opossum hissed, the ruckers took evasive maneuvers and disaster was averted.

Right on 245 and an immediate Left on North Hendrix St

Cross Hwy1

Left on Rawls Dr

Left on South Lee St

Right on Hwy 1

Left on Main and back to the flag

The Runners:

T-claps to the Q today, Khakis who arrived early for some XL miles illuminated in his new tracer360 light up vest.

The 3 runners (Happy Trees, Shankapotomus, and Khakis) set out to run the Crosson loop and then head down Bernard St for some BRR training. Things did not go as planned. The Q was having some discomfort in his legs after the XL milage but decided to push through.

Left on College

Left on Bernard st

Right on Long Terrace

Right on Crosson St

Clockwise around the Crosson Loop

Left on Long Terrace and back to the park

At this point someone called an audible and the BRR training route was called off and the runners set out to find the Ruckers. The runners setout on the rucking route. After almost being stepped on when ruckers came through, the opossum must have moved on.

The runners didn’t catch up the ruckers until everyone was back on Main St and almost back to the flag.


Sweet Baby O 5K – 8/5/17, benefits Hands of Hope

Stomp the Swamp 5K – the official F3 state 5K championship – 8/26/17 (discount: f3swamp)