• When: 2019-12-12
  • QIC: Neck Brace
  • The PAX: Milkman, Speedo, Fools Gold, Moose, Boxwine, Penny, Laettner, Neck Brace

The Return of NB


Conditions – 30 degrees, frosty.

8 Pax arrived to hallowed grounds of Depot ready for a smackdown by YHC. Conditions were seasonably warm, almost balmy. The Pax was energetic and ready for action. The disclaimer was applied softly.


Warm up lap around the gravel lot
5 hand release merkins after each exercise
Merkins x 10 IC
In and outs x 20
ICs x 20
Squat negatives x 20
Humpers x 20

Grab block and head to big field
20 chest presses
20 v-ups
Circle the pole
10 hanging knees ups
10 pull up negatives
X 5

Return Blocks and Convene in Lot
Ring of Fire
Working Pax takes turns doing 5 burpees while resting pax is alternating between flutters and LBCs, until all pax have done burpees
Same, with 5 jump squats and regular squats
Same, with 5 burpees and regular merkins


– 2ndF Lunch today at 12:30 at Thirty Fellow
– After Christmas Christmas Party – January 11th
– Cottonmouth 2.0 – February 29th