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WOW for 4/2 – 4/7

  • The P200 is squarely in the review mirror.
  • Spring break and Easter vacation are behind us.
  • The cold weather has (mostly) subsided.

Any other excuses that YHC is missing.  If there are, kick them to the curb and get back into the habit of an F3 morning.  Wake up before most peoples day starts.  Hang out with your brothers. Get the blood and mind flowing.  Your not obliged to.  It’s not your job.  But we all know that it’s the best way to start the day.  Shoot for a strong Spring and you’ll notice the difference.

WOW: This weeks WOW comes from one of my favorite Q’s, and a man that has done a lot for F3 Columbia, the one and only Fountain head.  The workout was at last weeks dawnstrike, and 3 pax were there to enjoy.  Read the whole BB here.

The Thang:

Warmup on the field which was a preview of the rest of the morning:

SSH X 20, 4CT IC
Mercans X 10, 4CT IC
Squats X 10, 4CT IC
American Hammers X 10, 4CT IC
Tuck Jumps X 20, OYO
Rocky Situps X 20, OYO
With that the Q introduced the pax to a little white ball that has brought heartbreak to countless millions across the world. Upon this particular little white ball was scrawled the letters, M, A, S, T, E & R in a fashion that only one letter could be “up” however the ball was rolled. Each pax was allowed to take in turn the choice of “holes” which was really a target a reasonable three, four or five throw distance… par 3, 4 and 5. That pax then threw the ball toward said “hole” and the pax raced out to find it. As the gloom was especially gloomy, finding the ball in the dark wasn’t always easy. However, once found the letter upon the ball facing up was announced and the following exercises were accomplished in place:

M – Mercans X 20, OYO
A – American Hammers X 20, OYO
S – Squats X 20, OYO
T – Tuck Jumps X 20, OYO
E – Everything X 10… Mercans, Hammers, Squats, Tuck Jumps and Rocky Situps, all OYO
R – Rocky Situps X 20, OYO
Once the exercise was completed, the pax that found the ball or called the exercise then had the turn of throwing the evil white ball onward toward the previously selected “hole”. Rinse and Repeat the exercise as explained above with each “stroke”.

Finally, when the final throw strikes the target, the “putt” requires all pax to bearcrawl to the “hole” and the game moves on to the next pax and the next “hole”.

Rather than itemize the holes played, let me give a basic recap of play. First, the “T” was either far larger than the other letters or the ball was weighted. The pax did more TuckJumps than any workout should reasonably include. The “E” was also in heavy rotation such that, at one point, Tuckjumps were featured in four or five consecutive strokes.

Noteworthy also was that, just like real golf, YHC’s ball inextricably disappeared. Not so common was that the ball was lost on a “putt” of only a few feet where it disappeared into a bush no bigger than a doghouse and never was found. Thankfully Oscar had picked up a tennis ball along the way and play resumed with it instead, the exercise called became, therefor, dealers choice. Pipeline called burpees.

Last, This was only YHC’s second or third bootcamp in months due to an injury and it showed. Also much like my golf game, the infrequency of the act was excruciatingly apparent. Special thank-you to the pax for accommodating the unusual Q with reasonably good humor.

The goods: i’ve always been a fan of a Q that brings a theme and some humility to the table.  F’head did both in this case.  Seems like this was a laid back Q, which is sometime just what the doctor ordered.