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Variations on a Theme – Chair Jr.™️

AO: ramble
Q: Bootleg
PAX: 8 Mile, BabyRuth(AOQ TheWall), Bailiff, Bootleg, Bundy, Cauliflower, Churchkey, CESS, Garnish, Hawg, Huffy, Keystone, Mud Dawg, QuickBooks, SweetTart, Turtle, Winston
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Preview the route – assistance provided by Huffy
THE THANG: Chair Jr., Son of the Chair
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Cold Brew Half 12/16 – we are at 48 signed up, let’s get some more; F3 Holiday Party 12/17 – sign up, say who you’re bringing and what you’re feeding us; some other announcements
COT: Prayers: Lend some strength and love for LC, Syd, and the Mouzakis family
Ask Mud Dawg about Ramble Book Club
Ask Quickbooks about negative royalties (this is the first time I’ve heard of a negative royalty in 7 years of IP law practice)
Ask 8 Mile about teaching 300 people Anthropology using memes

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