• When: 2018-07-21
  • QIC: Adrian / Chaser
  • The PAX: Adrian, Chaser, Okra, Splinter, Cess Pool, Robber, Rhonda, Spud, Misfire, Gaston.

Brotherly Love at Battle

YHC and Chaser were charged with the Q at this week’s version of Battle.  YHC got things started off, with Chaser coming out of the bullpen for the second half and some fun on the football field.  Things got a little chippy when Okra had some complaints about Chaser’s clock running a little slow.  According to Chaser, “when he’s whining, he’s hurting.”  In typical Battle fashion, all 10 pax were hurting when it was all said and done.

The Weather: overcast and humid

The Thang:

1st Half – Adrian

Run to Sato for COP

SSH x 20 IC

Merkins x 15 IC

Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

Squats x 20 IC (with YHC uncomfortably staring into Robber’s eyes)

Burpees x 10


Run to Belmont Hill for

Jacob’s Ladder – 7 burpees at the top, back down, 6 burpees … down to 1.  Finish at the bottom.

Props to Splinter, Rhonda and Cess for dropping the Larry Bird on YHC.

Splinter leads pax in flutters / straight-leg sit-ups

Run to football field at Flora for:

Dirty MacDeuce – 4 sets of 3 exercises, all IC, all 12 reps, no rest between exercises (special thanks to Cess for his predictions / assistance on exercises)

Merkins / Mountain Climbers / LBC

Wide-arm merkins / Plank Jacks / Chaser LBC

Slow-fast merkins / Russian Twist / Flutters

Knurkins / Mountain Climbers / Chaser LBC


Second Half – Chaser

The pax were already a little nervous when they realized Chaser had done some staging on the football field and his equipment could be seen at various locations around the football field.

6 stations were set up – everybody grabs a partner.  Partner 1 does exercise all out for 60 seconds, while partner 2 recovers.  Flapjack.  After each station, all pax run to midfield for 5 burpees before heading to next station.

Station 1: jump rope

Station 2: carry heavy ass medicine ball as far as you can in the end zone – thing must’ve weighted 80 lbs

Station 3: Kettle Bell swings

Station 4: Squat, pick up heavy bag, lift to shoulder, bring bacK down, do opposite shoulder

Station 5: PT style, old school situps (with partner holding legs)

Station 6: squat thrust with medicine ball, throw to goal post, catch off of rebound, repeat

Gather equipment, run back to COT, plank sequence led by Chaser.


  • hats off to all who posted, work was done
  • props to Chaser for a very creative and merciless second half – takes some extra effort to bring the equipment / plan it out – but workouts like this help us push ourselves / others and keep things fresh
  • COT led by Adrian