• When: 2018-10-15
  • QIC: Turncoat
  • The PAX: Turnpike, Selfie, Grilz, Kamikaze (#DoubleRespect), Special K (Respect), Toy, Katniss, High Stick (#DoubleRespect), Turncoat

Blocks on Tour at #TheCastle

9 at #TheCastle on a beautifully gloomy 65 degree morning. The theme of this workout was:  take the blocks on tour, it gets boring sitting in the woods collecting deer pee all the time.

Warm up

  • Side straddle hop (20 in cadence)
  • Through the tunnel (10 in cadence)
  • Little baby arm circles forward and back (10 each way in cadence)
  • Calf stretch (OYO)
  • Slow fast merkin (10 in cadence)
  • One legged mountain climber (10 each leg OYO)
  • Windmill (10 in cadence)

Rescue blocks from the woods, showing them the sky as we Cusaked to bottom of the hill, then



  • Blockees (10 OYO)
  • Block squats (20 OYO)

Walked up hill with blocks doing curls

At top of hill circled up for:

  • Shoulder presses with block (10 in cadence)
  • Kamikaze pullover presses (20 OYO)
  • Lawn mowers with block (10 each arm OYO)


Partnered up, one partner walked Tombee with block (doing curls and shoulder presses along the way), the other partner ran the opposite direction, stopping at every street on the right to do SLS (squats, lunges and big boy sit ups – 10 each time). When partners met up, the block was handed off and roles were switched.  Partners met back at the top of the hill in plank position.

An impromptu Wave of Merkins broke out, in cadence to 5 (15 merkins each).

We grabbed our blocks and headed back to the AOQ doing curls along the way. Once back at the AOQ the blocks were put away but not before giving them a knowing nod and a gentle pat. Our relationship with our blocks was forever changed today.

We finished strong with:

  • Iron crosses (20 OYO)
  • Flutter kicks (35 in cadence)
  • Slow fast merkin (10 in cadence)
  • Floyd Mayweathers (20 in cadence)
  • LBCs (20 OYO)
  • Slow fast merkin (10 in cadence)
  • Low plank for 60 seconds

COT: Counterama; Name-O-Rama, Announcements: 6 year anniversary Saturday, Oct. 20th

Prayer requests for the Cox family and others

Closing Prayer, Done