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Thanksgiving Thunder and Rogue Gobbler 5k!!

AO: thunder
Q: Fallout
PAX: Quaker, Easy Street, Recount, SweetTart, Fallout, Oscar, Quartermaster, Prodigal, Huffy, Shocker, Swingline, PaperJam, Snowflake, Spot, BabyRuth(AOQ TheWall), Hawg, Darlene, BunkBed, Lobstah, Selfie, Bemis, Silent Bob, Tinactin (F3 Naperville, IL), clickbait, LA Gear, heehaw, Dog-Faced Gremlin, TapeWorm, Friar Tuck, Seahorse
FNGs: None

Couple ran a pre-Rogue Gobbler 5k, a few ran a couple warmup miles for the real thang!

Rogue Gobbler 5k officially kicked off and the boot campers warmed up!

SSH, 50
10 burpees star jumps
imp walk, 20
20 merkins
15 oil Derricks
20 squats
SSH, 30
10 burpees star jumps
thru tunnel, 10
10 burpees star jumps
LBAC, 15 (f/r/o)


Run a lap
Run a Backwards lap (yes, run the whole lap backwards, crowd pleaser)
Lap with 5 burpee star jumps each corner

Wall sits, 1 min x2

Courtyard, Partner DORA:
Box jumps, 100
Iron Cross, 200
Dips, 300

Circle back up with the Rogue Gobblers at the “flag”!

Runvergence tomorrow at Stumble!

Spur Day at the Blatt this Saturday, 0700! Dawnstike will meet there at 0600!

Prayers for LA Gear’s Wife’s recovery after her surgery
Prayers for Paper Jam, his Dad’s recovery, and his mom

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