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Prenup’s Birthday Celebration

AO: score
Q: Silent Bob
PAX: Lumen, Crawlspace, OBC, Ripcord, RayCharles, Spool, Nails, Prenup, Silent Bob
FNGs: None
– Side Straddle Hops
– Imperial Walkers
– Grass Pickers
– Windmill
– Arm Circles (ft. Moroccan Night Clubs & Seal Claps)
– Calf Raises x40
– Merkins x20

– 50-yard Lunge Walk
– 50-yard Bear Crawl
– Modified Mosey to grab coupons (bricks)

– Dealer’s Choice to decide our circuit… (Goal was to not set down the bricks)
– Curls for the Girls x25
– Overhead Presses x20
– Tricep Extensions x15
– Napalms x12
– In-and-Out Arm Flutters x10
– Cusack in between stops (4 rounds of exercises)

– LBCs x30
– Ray Charles x20
– Big-Boy Sit-Ups x15
– Flutter Kicks (in cadence)
– Ukrainian Twists (in cadence)

– 100-yard Jailbreak (won by Ray Charles)

Prayers for Ash’s recovery from hip surgery

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