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Leg Day!

AO: score
Q: Ball Boy
PAX: Crawlspace, Lumen, Nails, Charley (f3Pele), Spool, OBC, Sled, RayCharles
FNGs: None
WARMUP: A lot of arm stretching for leg day!
THE THANG: A lot of great things happening today. Ballboy displays his beard of wisdom doing leg and ab work even though he has a torn rotator cuff. Spool, OBC and Ray Charles picking up the pace on runs! Pele and Sled back on a regular basis! Lumen working on his form! But perhaps the best thing of the day, and I am not sure what that says about us, giving Brick-pile a Monkey Salute!!
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Today is Thursday.
COT: Laying on of hands for Ballboy and his Rotator Cuff. Ended early as Ballboy performs parental duties, but thankful for Ray Charles picking up coffee, and OBC picking up some breakfast. 78% participation at EUG. Could of been higher, but Lumen had an emergency cat feeding and left a hot cup of coffee in his wake. Must have been one hungry cat!

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