• When: 1/1/15
  • QIC: Bulldog, Hanging Chad, No Help, PYT & Nikita
  • The PAX: Say What!?, Garmin, Ramblin' Wreck, Shooter, Yellow Cake, Candy Stripe, The Closer, Slumlord, Finkle, Goat Boy, Hash & Rice, Bogey, Utah, Blindside, Pee Dee, Good Hands, Taurasi, Enos, Skid Marks, Cracker, Thumbs Up, Chicken Fried, Buzzsaw, Bearded Lady, Bunny Slope, Misty, Alter Boy, Rooney, Julep, Donatello, Crutch, Scooper, Malfunction Junction, Meatball, Pole Dance, Nail Pop, Shades of Grey, Band Camp, Wedgie, Snake, Glory Days, Hot Spot, Shank, Chinstrap, Clapper, No Show, Blah Blah, Earlobe, Muggy Tape, Quisenberry, Quest, Bullpen, Detour, Primetime, Forrest, Lamont, Clipboard, Netflix, Top Bunk, FDIC, Buttermaker, Quarantine, Tumbler, Nikita, GED, Field Goal, Ken Doll, Turnbuckle, Freon, Dunphy, Potluck, Bubba Gump (The Fort), Lt. Dan, Floppy Disk, Treadmill, JJ, Pick Up, Pac, Hugo, Flip Flop, Voltron, House, Ranger, Spackle, Magoo, A1A, Knozit, Breakfast Club, Hoser, Lobo, Columbo, Inuit, Waterboy, Peachy, Pom Pom, Bulldog, No Help, PYT, Hanging Chad, FNG-Chowder (Jesse Waldrip), FNG-Flo (David Jolly), FNG-Prairie Dog (Drew Williams), FNG-Blart (William Weaver), FNG-Some Help (Ben Taylor), FNG-Daisy (Jay Laverdiere), FNG-Dime Bag (Matt Lesniak), FNG-Short Hose (Steve Mathis), FNG-Notebook (Kris Whitley), FNG-Tupac (Brad Well), FNG-Cheddar Bob (Vinnie Pierik), FNG-Courtesy (Jason Booth), FNG-Manti (Jon Castaneda), FNG-Boo (John Grant), FNG-Lowball (Jimmy McGee), FNG-Ballboy (Barry Keith), FNG-Catheter (John Nickles), FNG-Fogerty (Collin Plyler), FNG-Pew (Joel Brantner)

F3 Lexington New Year’s Day Convergence

2014 was a big year for F3 in Lexington. 103 men posted at our March 1 launch at RBHS. What came to be known as Graveyard instantly became #problematic so Crypt was born shortly after. Then run group Stride. Then Shawshank. Before too long, Lexington had 10 different AOs on the schedule with 100+ men posting weekly at bootcamps. Our record stood at 115 pax for a daily bootcamp. After Santa Sway gifted us our very own region on December 19, what better way to celebrate that and the beginning of 2015 than with a New Year’s Day Convergence?

118 pax including 19 FNGs posted for a Bulldog and friends creative beatdown. It was appropriately gloomy. We had music blaring, we had blocks and poles, we had a core workout accommodation…in the end, we had a Lexington record: 118 pax!

Conditions: Perfect – 32 degrees & gloomy

The Thang:

Welcome, Disclaimer

Boneyard (Core) bootcamp split with Nikita
Graveyard bootcamp count off into 4 groups

Warm up mosey around field, followed by 100 yd sprints with ACDC’s Thunderstruck blaring in the stadium

Iron Crosses x 15 IC (Bulldog)
Merkins x 20 IC (PYT)
BBSUs x 15 IC (No Help)
SSH x 15 IC (Hanging Chad)
TTT x 15 IC (Bulldog)

photo (16)

Mosey to track
Each group circle up at diff’t corner of track. After each set, rotate counter-clockwise:
15 x squats IC sprint to next corner
15 x LBCs IC sprint to next corner
15 x Flutter kicks IC sprint to next corner
15 x Alternating lunges sprint to next corner
15 x Iron Crosses IC sprint to next corner
15 x Deep squats on own & sprint to next corner
15 x Jump Squats on own & sprint to next corner
15 x calf raises IC

photo (12)

photo (13)

photo (14)

photo (15)

Mosey to practice field

Gather in endzone and lineup behind Q

Merkin line on blocks and bricks
Plank walk on bricks and blocks, merkin between each plank walk

photo (11)

Once finished with the merkin line, flip 3 logs and sprint to other goal line

photo (10)

photo (9)

Merkins on logs (or ground if no room on log) x 10 slow count (PYT)

photo (8)

Mosey with group to bricks/blocks
Curls 15 IC IC
Chest Press x 15 IC
Shoulder Press x 15 IC
Tricep Extension 15 IC
Rinse & repeat x 3

photo (6)

photo (7)

Mosey to football field

Each group – 100 yd sprints

Group 1 lines up on 5 yd line, Group 2 10 yd line, Group 3 15 yd line, Group 4 20 yd line for The Charmer

As The Charmer by Kings of Leon is played on the speakers at The Swamp, the pax does Up/Downs each time the singer screams = 18 Up/Downs

Core Bootcamp (9 pax Qd by Nikita)
COP at the top deck.
– 20 SSH IC, 10 SSH IC – super fast
– Windmill x 20 IC, Windmill x 15 IC
– Through the Tunnel x 20 IC, Through the Tunnel x 15 IC
– Merkin x 15 IC
– LBC x 30 OYO
– Merkin x 15 IC

Mosey to bottom of The Hill
Partner up
– Each partner takes a turn bear crawling until they reach the top of The Hill. Shout out to No Show who came late and thought we were Graveyard… 🙂

Mosey to the low wall along the road
– 20 wall situps OYO, 15 wall sittups OYO
– 20 Incline Merkins OYO, 15 Incline Merkins OYO
– 20 Dips OYO, 15 Dips OYO

Mosey to super secret field of dreams for brick work
(Below With Bricks)
– 20 Curls for the Girls IC, 15 Curls for the Girls IC
– Russian Twist x 20 IC
– 20 Tricep extensions IC, 15 Tricep extensions IC
– 15 Shoulder Presses IC
– 20 Squats IC with bricks

Mosey back to football field
– Plankorama (led by Quarantine)
– 20 Decline Merkins OYO, 15 Decline Merkins OYO

photo (5)

COT, BOM, Name-o-rama

photo (4)

Devo by Treadmill – Proverbs 3:5-6

Name Chain:
Jesse Waldrip – lived in Maine for 7 yrs -> Lobster -> somehow turned into Chowder
David Jolly – works in insurance -> Flo
Drew Williams – from Oklahoma -> Prairie Dog
William Weaver – CPD cop -> Blart
Ben Taylor – works IS support at BCBS with No Help -> Some Help
Jay Laverdiere – works in military weapons -> Red Rider then somehow got to Daisy
Matt Lesniak – pharmacist -> Dime Bag
Steve Mathis – volunteer fire dept -> Short Hose
Kris Whitley -> volunteered he cries everytime at Rudy -> Notebook
Brad Well – from California -> Tupac
Vinnie Pierik – not sure how but went from 8 Mile to Cheddar Bob
Jason Booth – plumbing business -> floater -> courtesy flush -> Courtesy
Jon Castaneda – from Hawaii -> Manti
John Grant – works for tax dept of SCANA -> BOO!
Jimmy McGee – Lex Cty real estate appraiser -> Lowball
Barry Keith – tennis coach at RBHS -> fuzzy ball -> Ballbeater -> Ballboy
John Nickles – sells medical supplies -> Catheter
Collin Plyler – played baseball at USC-Lancaster – outfielder ->Fogerty
Joel Brantner – Assoc Pastor at SGPC -> Pew

-Outstanding job by Bulldog and co-Qs to smoothly transition 100+ pax around campus. That’s a difficult thing to do.
-Thank you and Tclaps to all pax for all the EHing and #meanmeanstride over the last week or so to reach (and exceed) our goal of 116 pax for the convergence.
-Thanks to Lt. Dan for the help with the speaker system. F3 Lexington is extremely grateful for the access given to us by RBHS. It’s one of the many reasons F3 Lexington has been an instant success.
-To all FNGs, we hope you return. Today may have been a struggle for some. Trust me, we’ve all been there. Post consistently and you will see a major difference in many aspects of your life: physical, mental, spiritual, you name it. The workouts don’t get easier, you just get better at them.

-Feb 7: GoRun 5K at WKHS. Likely convergence at SnakePit. Details to come. “http://www.thegorun.org/”>.thegorun.org/”>
-Feb 28: Lexington Race Against Hunger at Saxe Gotha Pres. http://lrah.org/d/default.aspx/d/Event/CurrentEvent.aspx
-May 1: GORUCK Custom Light in Cola. Preblast coming soon.

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