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Wet, Heavy Log Flips, Briars and Mist Oh My!

When: 12/30/2014

  • QIC: VQ-Taurasi

The PAX: Band Camp, House, Pepto, Spackle, Floppy Disk, Itchy, Shake-N-Bake, Ranger, Permit, FDIC, No Show, Bull Dog, Weekend Special, Forrest, Good Hands, Wiggles, Penny Pincher , Rooney, Blindside, FNG, Erik Murrah (Pawn), Lobo, Taurasi

22 pax including 1 FNG posted for a long awaited, Sway EH’D,… Taurasi-VQ beat down.

It was wet, warmer than usual, gloomy, and muddy with a side of Briar.

Conditions: 40ish degrees Wet & Gloomy

The Thang: Welcome to all including 1 FNG, Disclaimer Prayer- Let’s go sharpen some IRON Boys!

Football field- Jog around…

Imperial Walkers 50

Side Straddle Hop 40

Line up on the 50yd line sprint to the goal line…   plank when done

Windmill 25

Merkins 20

LBC’s 30

Line up on goal line… Tunnel of Love

Mosey on,… follow me, to Graveyard Hill

Run to the top of weeded, briar hill run back down Bear crawl to the top of weeded, briar hill run back down Rinse and repeat 5X (Many pax modified due to Graveyard regulars not wanting to get dirty, ugh)

20 Curb Merkins

Through the tunnel 25

Mosey to the soccer field… Count off 1 and 2.

Ones grab a pair of rain soaked bricks 2’s pick a rain soaked pole telephone pole flips in the muddy field, 1 guy log flip (Log Music)… 100 yards   while partner lunges w/bricks Switch, and back to goal line,… Return bricks, logs…

Iron Crosses 25 each

Squats 40

“5 Minutes of MARY” Blindside- monkey thrusts on count until done

Lobo- Flutter kicks til death 50 count COT,

BOM, Name-o-rama

Name Chain: Erik Murrah- Plays competitive chess, writer,…   WELCOME “PAWN”

Moleskin: -My first Q,… Sorry Lt. Dan about the log trails left on the soccer field!

Announcements: -Feb 7: GoRun 5K at WKHS. Likely convergence at Snake-Pit. Details to come. “http://www.thegorun.org/”>.thegorun.org/”> -Feb 28: Lexington Race Against Hunger at Saxe Gotha Pres. -May 1: GORUCK Custom Light in Cola. Pre-Blast coming soon.

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