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Fire Balls and Tron discs

AO: Thunder
Q: Escrow
PAX: Spot, Insanity, Strudel, SmokeScreen, CESS, Adrian, Betamax, Bucket Truck, Costanza, Escrow, Fallout (1st F), Oscar, Phlegm, SweetTart
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Michael Phelps, arm and leg stretch, TTT
THE THANG: Fire Ball Run With penalties and exercises at intersections.

Fire balls
Lateral toss then ball swap then overhead ball to back upon completion 6 comes to front dribbling. When both 6 at front start over
Fails or intersections exercises below.
Tron: loser per hole does ten merkins while winner does 20 air squats in cadence
Tron: exercise done before toss. Once toss made, sprint to disc. If out of bounds, penalty is
10 burpees
Tron:: if more than 12 split into three groups
Tron toss exercises, Fails or intersections exercises below.
15 ssh/15merkins/plank calf stretch
TT TUNNEL/ 25 air squats/ 10 burpees
10 toy soldiers/20 Freddie mercuries/  25 flutters
1 minute plank/25 Russian twists/ 25 iron crosses
10 toy soldiers/10 Bonnie Blair’s/10 Carolina dry docks
1 min hurdler stretch (both legs)/ 20 Creech crunch/ 20 iron dolly
15 jump squats/ 20 merkins (10wide arm/10 diamond)

MARY: done in workouts above
ANNOUNCEMENTS: convergence run and Yorktown workout.

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