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Cranky Middle-Age Man Q

AO: Thunder
Q: DriveBy
PAX: Bucket Truck, Spot, CESS, Phlegm, SweetTart, Traitor, DriveBy, Insanity, BunkBed, Oscar, Olde English
FNGs: None
WARMUP: 54 SSH (Because Sweet Tart wanted it that way)
THE THANG: Running around Shandon making stops under the lights for safety. Some things were 54 counts, some weren’t. Those that were elicited great response from Cesspool, who said, “Thank you, sir! May I have another?” And that got us to 54 monkey humpers 🙈.
MARY: Finish up with some dynamic balance and stretching on the parking lot lines.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Charleston 10th – year anniversary; MudRun 2050 signup in effect.
COT: Special thanks for the light that emanates from the pax and illuminates our lives through the spirit. Go forth and be a light for others. We love the gloom and we own the gloom because each of us can be a beacon for others.

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