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It’s Raining!!

AO: Sawmill
Q: Rudder
PAX: Flapper, Gepetto, Full Metal Jacket, Frodo, Rudder, Shuttlecock, SKAT, Lemmy, Goodspeed
FNGs: None
WARMUP: classic warmup. No Mary’s due to rain. We did do high plank stuff. Pax nervous YHC was going to yell “on your six!” I didn’t.
THE THANG: moseyed through woods to picnic shelter due to torrential downpours. I’m not a barbarian.
50 Inkys with a minute break. 40 inkys with a minute break. 30 inkys with minute break. Do you see a pattern? Then BAM!! 20 Merkins! What?!? With squats as a break! Then 10, squats and 5 merkins and squats and 10 again! Back up we go!stopped at 30 and moseyed a lap to move to next torture session.
7 rep’s of 7 exercises for 7 rounds. Squats, Merkins, BB’s, Lunges, Burpees (yep!) Gas Pumpers and V-ups!
Mosey back to AO.
COT:prayers for Elinor and choosing surgery. And baby Edwin (2 days old!!) and successful surgery!!
Devo: John 15:5 You’re a branch. He is the vine. Stay attached! Be that kid holding his dad’s grocery car in the parking lot. Don’t worry about where to go, when to turn, which car to go to. Clutch that cart and let God push the cart. Find relaxation in letting him decide the details. Just stay connected and you WILL bear fruit.

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