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3-man Kotterday

AO: Sawmill
Q: Cottontail
PAX: Goodspeed, Full Metal Jacket, Cottontail, Gepetto, Lemmy, Rudder, Betty Crocker, Valdez, Cheesesteak, Ramjack
FNGs: None
WARMUP: some, stalling exercises as we wait for rudder.  
THE THANG: mosey to playground, more warm up (still in waiting for rudder).
5 rounds of:
5 pull ups, 10 “Swerkins” (look it up), 15 box jumps (rudder just in time for us to modify the final set of box jumps).
Mosey to block pile, cusak coupon to top of oakhurst.
5 rounds of:
3 sets of randomly selected block work, mosey to mailbox, 5 burpees, jailbreak back.
Rinse and repeat and add a mailbox length so jailbreaks get progressively further away ( it’s uphill if you didn’t know).
Frisbee golf for remainder of time. Highest score on hole is 10x that score for your ab count, winner selects ab exercise.
MARY: see above.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: yep. 6 pax made it back for BOM/COT. Annual 5k fundraiser end of July, Ramjack hosting annual June Rally/Cup, be there to win (I.e. not running in your own). Keep accumulating miles if that’s your thing. We need to get some missing PX back into the fold.
COT: continued prayers for those in challenging relationships, safe travels this summer, safer communities, positive role models and direction for our struggling youth, those with serious illness in their families.


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