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DriveBy’s Boring Route

AO: ramble
Q: DriveBy
PAX: 8 Mile, Bootleg, Bundy, Cauliflower, DriveBy, Friar Tuck, Hasselhoff, Hawg, Love Child, QuickBooks, Stache, Swingline, Tube Socks, Turtle, SweetTart
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Stache’s stretches
THE THANG: Shandon Back and Forth with a Five Points Wrap Up
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Runvergence at Ramble this Friday. Dawnstrike AOQ hand off a week on March 2. Lexington 10 year anny coming up and the Wall will post there.
COT: prayers for the two women runners hit at the intersection of Pickens and Crestwood.

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