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Table humpers special

AO: Hammer
Q: Ratatouille
PAX: Bindi, Blowout, BooBoo, Collar, Ratatouille, Stretch, Zuba, Zima
FNGs: None
Merkin 14 IC
Reverse LBAC 14 IC
Through the tunnel 14 IC


Partner up with blocks in the parking lot.
One partner does series of
2 hand release burpees
1 man maker
Run 20 yards up a very small hill (as Collar said)
1 burpee at the top and then run back down the the blocks.
BBSitups and Russian twists for the other partner.
7 rounds each partner

Pull-ups at the monkey bars (partner assisted as needed)
7-7-7 (distal flexion, proximal flexion, full range flexion)
2 rounds each partner

Table Humpers?
Lower back extensions off the side of the picnic table
3 rounds of 7 reps alternating partners

Back to the parking lot at middle speed bump:
2 man makers with a speed bump shuttle run
Alternating partner holding wall sits
2 rounds each partner.

Winners of these rounds (Boo-boo, Collar)
Call abs at the end for the last 2 minutes
Iron Cross- 1 minute
Freddy Mercury- 1minute

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