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Carrying the Load

AO: -Bunker
Q: Jar Jar
PAX: Birthday Suit, Jar Jar, Backstop, BunkBed, Prodigal, Pondo, Serena, Swingline, Sparklefarts (Q), Snapchat, Precious, Meatloaf, Mozart, Foo, Hendrix
FNGs: 5 Precious, Meatloaf, Mozart, Foo, Hendrix

Sparklefarts brought the pain for the first time today. unexpected numbers, but #leaderslead and modify as needed.

THE THANG: From Jar Jar’s memory. Pax split in 2 groups for entire workout. Grab cinderblocks, start Moseying. And he really meant it, double time with the block, eventually making around the entire park and then some.
Numerous flipflops including overblock Burpees, KB swings, OHP, goblet squats, merkins, jump squats, lunges
Some Mary on the fly while awaiting 6s vs planks
Suicide on every stinking line in the parking lot

MARY: No time
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Swingline PB collection, or money. Get to him or me pronto
Charleston 10 year this weekend. Need for choir hosts, see below
COT: Prayer requests for Backstops coworker illness.
Devo: Carrying burdens

Of note, besides the VQ, we had a naming for Saturdays FNG, a Kotters after 2+ years (Snapchat), and 3 way DR FNGs from Uganda. They are part of a boys choir touring the US for 6 months, and they are in need of support for their charity, and especially for help while here. If you can host 2 students and a chaperone in your home for a week or two, let me know. Also, if you have a church or ministry that is looking for some incredible African worshipful music, hit me up, they’d love to come serve.

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