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Swampfox Block and Circle of Doom Party

AO: Swampfox
Q: McNugget
PAX: McNugget, McLovin, Billy Bob, Leprechaun, Collar, Kilt
FNGs: None
Weather- A perfect 29 degrees and icy conditions on the lacrosse playing field.

Warm up

Slow/fast merkins ICX15
Slow/fast squats ICX15
Mountain climbers ICX20

Grab Blocks:

5 blockees in parking lot

Cross street

5 blockees

To football field

5 blockees

4 corners (advance fast pace full length fireman carry block, slow pace cusak across width of field, plank till 6 arrives after called exercise)

Round 1

1. 15 incline merkins
2. 15 decline merkins
3. 15 merkins R arm on block
4. 15 merkins L arm on block

Round 2

1. 15 kettle bell swings
2. 15 squats
3. 10 regular lunges (each leg)
4. 5 side lunges (each leg)

Move to tennis courts

Circle up for Circle of Doom

2 block burpees while pax hold static goblet squat.  One time around Circle.

Line up for suicides w partner

P1 complete called exercise P2 full basketball court suicide (switch)

Set- 25 curls / squats

Return to COT

5 blockees along the way

10 burpee finish for Cardinal


2/18 Dam 2 Dam
3/11 F3 Charleston 10 year Anniversary

Ian Roof and family
Welcome Week
Unspoken prayer requests


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