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Cold Rogue Loop

AO: rogue
Q: Swingline
PAX: clickbait, Friar Tuck, SweetTart, Bemis, Selfie, Quaker, Tommy Boy, LA Gear, TapeWorm
FNGs: None

Mumble chatter around Bemis’ ninja skills and debate over how Easy is worshipping that porcelain god. It could it be on his knees or on his arse. Either way, hope that clears up.

It appears that tights have become a Rogue standard for this cold weather.

Quick explanation of the route then take off.


Took the Rogue Loop around Target, to Hampton Hill (avoiding any rogue vehicles) and back to the AO.


12/16 – CBHM
12/17 – F3 Christmas (see Google doc)
Tom Tom Foolery
Tapeworm is running some mountain that is black in February while Bemis is taking his ultra weather curse to Sesqui.

Cool down with some warm coffee. Prodigal made a fly by. If he would’ve at least ran out of Starbuck then he would’ve been a Roguer today.

Prayers for war and suffering around the world, Sydney’s treatments and Easy’s friend.

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