• When: 12/06/15
  • The PAX: All PAX of F3 Lexington (F3 Lake Murray and F3 Columbia welcome too)

F3 LexSC Snowball Parade Pre-Blast

F3 Lexington Snowball Parade Participation Needed: 

Parade Date 12-06-15

This is a Men’s #CSAUP F3 event (all males welcome)


All PAX encouraged to wear F3 Lexington or other F3 Gear. Rucks are welcome.

Each participating PAX is encouraged to bring a bag of simple candy (ie: candy canes or starlight mints) to distribute to the smiling children.

YHC will also have info cards to pass out to the sad clowns of Lexington.


Post near intersection of Butler Street and Haygood Street between 2:45 – 3:15 pm. Butler Street closes at 2:30 to all vehicular traffic.

It is the hope of YHC to have a TRUCK & DRIVER to lead the daytime snowball conversion. The truck will carry YHC’s music system to blast holiday tunes as we process. Along the way a Q or two may call an exercise to demonstrate proper form (no elbow crinkles).

Having participated in last year’s Snowball Parade with the Relay for Life folks, YHC must share that walking in this parade is major fun. Don’t miss this opportunity to gather some lost sad clowns.
The weather forecast is the …SUNNY and 60 degrees (#SCWINTER ) Perfect weather for a slow mosey through Downtown Lexington.

We are not limited to the number of parade walkers. Each day we average over 100 PAX throughout F3 Lexington. Let’s show our hometown what we look like in mass.
Please HC via Twitter using the hashtag #F3Snowball and tag YHC @troyafite.

My brothers of the Gloom let’s take this opportunity to show ourselves in the light of day!

Humbly Submitted,
Thumbs Up

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