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Flex those hips for Basecamp, y’all…..

AO: dawnstrike
Q: Phlegm
PAX: Lobstah, Oscar, Quaker, Fallout, Misfire, Babar, Poutine, Betamax, Snowflake, Mad Dog (downrange from Charlotte area)
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH IC x 30, Imperial Walkers IC x 20, Windmills IC x 20, Through The Tunnel IC x 20, Merkins IC x 10. High knees, Buttkicks, Open and Close the gate Walk to Adger St. Mosey to parking lot for block work.
THE THANG: With coupons Curls IC x 10, Rows IC x 10, Flutter presses IC x 10, goblet squats x 10, Thrusters OYO x 10, Curls IC x 10, Rows IC x 10, Flutter presses IC x 10, Goblet squats IC x 10, Thrusters OYO x 10, American hammers with blocks IC x 10 and Babar toots. Mosey to Daley and Millwood, Dips OYO x 20, Inclines x 20 OYO. Mosey to Parking lot at Daly and Carlisle. Bearpees ladder. Bearcrawl 4 count and 1 Burpee to end of parking lot, return with 2 burpees every 4 count, continue up to 4 Burpees (total 2 laps of parking lot). Mosey to Basecamp parking lot and do Hip Thrusters IC x 20, Monkey Humpers IC x 10. Mosey back to Carlisle parking lot and do Squats IC x 20, Twinkle Toes IC x 20. Mosey back to wall on Daly st and Do Declines x 20 OYO, Dips OYO x 20. Mosey back to Hollywood Squares. Slow Fast Merkins IC x 10, Flutter Kicks IC x 20, Spot LBC’s IC x 20, Wide Arm Merkins IC x 20, Six Inches Hold 30 seconds, Freddie Mercuries IC x 20. Step ups on Squares x 20 (count L and R leg 10 times each). Oscar stretches until end of Q.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Score Pile, Ramble, and Dawnstrike AoQ hand-offs in the horizon.
COT:Prayers for a good week.

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