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DawnStrike at Spur

AO: dawnstrike
Q: Fallout
PAX: BunkBed, Fallout, Lobstah, Oscar, Betamax, Snowflake, Tinactin (F3 Naperville, IL), Spot
FNGs: None
Discuss hootenanny

SSH, IC, 40
LBAC, 35
Hand release merkins, 30
Imp walk, IC, 25
Bottom squats, 20
Thru the tunnel, 15
Worlds greatest stretch, 10
Swimming stretch, 10

5 burpees, Run across bridge, 50 IC flutter kicks, 50 dips, run back, 5 burpees

On the field, 40 IC flutter kicks, 40 dips

Mosey to pull up bars and weights

Circuit at the bars, 45s on, 15s rotate:

Rows, deadlifts, curls, shoulder raises, Pull-ups x2, overhead press, ron cross bricks overhead

Lap around the field, 30 IC flutter kicks, 30 dips, back to pull up bars

Pull-ups, knee raises, rows, Tricep extensions, floor presses, squats, Lunges, perfect merkins,

Take weights back to flag
20 IC flutter kicks, 20 dips

5 burpees

Sick frizz to follow DS!

Prayers for all the needs that need filling!

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