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Tropical Voyage to Derkin Island

AO: woodshed
Q: Pipeline
PAX: Silent Bob, Silver Bullet, Pondo, Teddy, Pipeline
FNGs: None
Silent Bob Mode: on
5 intrepid adventurers traveled far through the mists of Woodland to reach the fabled Derkin Island at the borders of Hampton’s Ridge. There they were tested by various feats of strength. No hobbits, barrow wights, ents, orcs, or burpees were encountered, except by our brave Lord of the First F who as of this writing still has approximately 75000 burpees to go in the month.
Silent Bob mode: off

Conditions: low 60s, humid, and foggy

– Windmills x15 IC
– Imperial Walkers x15 IC
– SSH x15 IC
– Arm circle cycle x15 each IC

The Thang:

Indian/applesauce run to Derkin Island (at the 3-way intersection of Martha’s Glen & Hampton Ridge)

Stop for a #PainStation at Olde Knight & Old Woodlands:
– Merkins x15 OYO
– Squats x15 OYO
– LBCs x15 OYO

At the island, partner up (ish; @Silver_Bullet decided to Modify At His Own Risk™)

Set 1:
– Incline iron crosses x15; flapjack
– Decline big boy sit-ups x15; flapjack (most pax opted for LBCs)

Set 2:
– Partner 1 AMRAP incline merkins
– Partner 2 run to the bend in Martha’s Glen, squats x15, run back
– Flapjack

Set 3:
Partner 1 AMRAP incline flutter kicks
Partner 2 to the bend, monkey humpers x15, run back

Set 4:
Partner 1 AMRAP decline merkins (#Crowdpleaser)
Partner 2 lunge walk around the island

All pax finish with monkey humpers x20 for the security camera.

Mosey to Pain Station Corner

#PainStation stop 2 at Olde Knight & Old Woodlands:
– Squats x15 OYO
– LBCs x15 OYO
– Merkins x15 OYO

Jailbreak to the flag.


Moleskine: This was a rerun of a legendary @capgun Q from several years ago (including similar weather) which YHC is reminded of whenever driving or running by Derkin Island. None of today’s pax were present that day (including YHC), so it was new to us. You can read that backblast here: www.f3midlands.com/columbia-sc/derkin-island-a-society-in-decline

– Runvergence 0530 tomorrow at Amble (Eggs Up Grill)
– Canal Dime Drinking Club, the Premier Fancypants 2nd F AO
– Race for the Place 2/24, volunteers needed, check with @TomTom_(3rd_F)

Pipeline out.

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