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Snarky Title of the Day

AO: Woodshed
Q: Teddy
PAX: Serena, Silver Bullet, Pipeline, Kenny G
FNGs: None
20 Sidestraddle Hops in cadence, 20 Imperial Walkers in cadence, Little Baby Arm Circles (10 forward, 10 back, 10 OH Claps, & 10 Raise the Roof, all in cadence) 20 Windmills in cadence and 20 Squats OYO

Lined up and Indian ran down to lower playground – each pax knocked out 3 sets of 5 pullups, 15 ‘Mericans and 25 LBCs.
Moved over to the path for a single-handed Dora – each pax knocked out 25 jump squats, 50 dips on the bench, and 100 Squats, broken up with 2 laps around the loop. Moseyed back to upper field and circled up for some Mary: 25 Flutterkicks in cadence, 20 Ukranian Twisted Freedom Hammers in cadence, 20 Teddy rocks OYO, 10 (double count) Teddy Rolls OYO, 20 Freddy Mercuries in cadence. Moseyed along to the wall and knocked out 2 30-sec wall sits with 5 balls to the wall pushups in the middle, Mosey back to the flag.

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