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In a way … every odd number is “almost” even right?

AO: Woodshed
Q: Ash
PAX: Teddy, Silent Bob, Silver Bullet, Side Salad, Kenny G, Pondo
FNGs: None
Weather: Ideal May morning under 60 degrees

Merkins, x10, OYO
Side straddle hops, x50, cadence
Imperial walkers, x20, cadence
Merkin & raise the roof pyramid, up to 10 and back down to 1, OYO (pax complete 1 merkin, 1 raise the roof, 2 merkins, 2 raise the roofs … up to 10 and back down for a total of 100 of each)
Jane Fonda, each side, while waiting for the 6
Flutter kicks, x20, cadence

Mosey to baseball field.

Group: lunge walk around the bases
2 Pax: jog to pitcher’s mound for 5 burpees, then rejoin the line
(YHC would call out 2 pax at a time to go complete pitcher’s mound exercises)

Group: bear crawl around the bases
2 Pax: jog to pitcher’s mound for 5 jump squats

Group: side shuffles (switch direction oyo)
1-2 pax: jog to pitcher’s mound for 10 low country crabs double count

split into 2 teams, line up at home plate
1 pax runs to outfield fence (1 down 1st base side, 1 down 3rd base side), 5 burpees at fence, run back to tag in next pax
rest of the team: rotate between AMRAP merkins & AMRAP LBCs
Losing team: 10 merkins
Winning team: 5 merkins

Mosey as a group around … and around … and around … and around. YHC took the group around the perimter of the field. After one lap, the second lap got a little smaller, the third smaller still … until the group ran a tight circle around home plate

Mosey back to the flag
Team 1, run backwards around the parking lot for one lap while Team 2 AMRAP squats. Switch roles.
10 Merkins OYO to close it out

During Announcements, PAX knocked out 20 merkins for Biggie Smalls
Legion Day next Tuesday, 0515 start time at Legion
Steel Hands 2nd F opportunity next Sunday, 5/21

Prayers for Biggie Smalls, for a few of our canine friends, and for those prayers that may have gone unsaid.

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