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Sympathy for the Early Risers

AO: -Bunker
Q: Silver Bullet
PAX: Jar Jar, Teddy, Bidet, Ronaldo
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, arm circles, calf raises, imperial walkers, lunge walk with squats at every parking line
THE THANG: go around the baseball fields doing things. Curb Merkins, burpies, step ups (on bleachers, on picnic tables, and on a wall), near crawls, wall sits, lunge walks, flutter kicks, and LBCs. We did more than one of everything. Used up the whole time period.
MARY: flutter kicks, Ukrainian Freedom Twists.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Legion day on Tuesday, May 16, 5:15 am, Hampton Park (corner of Landon Ln and Munson Spring Dr.). Sunday afternoon for F3 families May 21, 1pm-until.
COT: Prayers for everyone and for safe travels over Mother’s Day weekend.

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