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Circuit Stations (Controlled Chaos)

AO: Thunder
Q: Bucket Truck
PAX: Costanza, Backstop, Ronda, Bucket Truck, Oscar, Spot, Escrow, Adrian, Huffy, Insanity, Phlegm, SweetTart, Traitor, Sonic
FNGs: 1 Sonic
WARMUP: Michael Phelps’s, Arm Stretches, Right Over Left, Left Over Right, Arm Circles (forward and back), Balance Quad Stretches
THE THANG: Warm up lap around track, circuits: lap runner (circuit timer), merkins, big boy sit ups, cinder block presses, step ups or box jumps, burpees, flutter kicks, mountain climbers, decline merkins, squats, tricep dips, freedom twits. Lap around Hand with 3 Merkins each corner.
MARY: Ring of Fire Merkins 3/2/1
COT: 10 Burpees for Cardinal

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