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Crazy 8

AO: swampfox
Q: Misfire
PAX: Sheets, Kitty, Leprechaun, Billy Bob, Stent, Misfire, Nelly, Polo
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Car said 29 when we left, cold but not bad
WARMUP: 5 SSH burpees for warmth, lower body stretches, 5 SSH burpees
THE THANG: Mosey to Citadel Park with about 5 pain stations along the way for 5 Carolina dry docks, 5 head release merkins, and 5 merkins at each stop.
Once at the park, partner up for some Ab work on the soft and luxurious playground mat. Rotate running and reps between your partner until total count is achieved. Usually ended up being 2 rounds of running and reps for each partner
ROUND 1 – 100 big boys with runs around gazebo
ROUND 2 – 200 LBCs with same runs
5 SSH burpees
ROUND 3 – 100 iron cross with same runs
ROUND 4 – 200 Ray Charles heel touches with same runs
5 SSH burpees
ROUND 5 – 100 slow Freddie Mercuries with full leg extension with same runs
ROUND 6 – 200 giggling nibblers (100 left side and 100 right side) with same run
5 SSH burpees
Mosey back to COT with same pain stations on the way back
MARY – ring of fire with flutters and 10 LBCs, plank shoulder taps and 10 Ct low plank, and slow Freddie Mercuries and 2 iron cross
Lower body stretches
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Cold Brew 1/2 on Sat, Christmas Party on Sun
COT: Indeed

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