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Running with Rivet

AO: score
Q: Eric Gluse
PAX: Crawlspace, Lumen, Nails, RayCharles
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Found some dry hard pavement to warm up while avoiding the invasion from Brickpile, then right into the running!
THE THANG: According to Nails, we did 1.45 miles and 10 feet of elevation. Only thing that kept Ray Charles from being way ahead was the red lights from a school bus where he felt compelled by law to stop! YHC was way behind today and appreciated the chance to catch up! Rivet delivered pain stations along the way carrying the theme of good form stressed over multiple reps. Dips, incline merkins, squats, skank sisters including Jane Fonda and Rivet’s personal twist called Fonda Janes, Lt Dan’s and all sorts of other fun. We did exceed Score approved Monkey Humpers by 2 as we made sure at least one passing car could enjoy the view.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Today is Thursday. There is a convergence this Saturday celebrating ten years in Lexington. I’ll try to forward the link for those interested.
COT: Rivet prayed us out and then treated us to coffee and food at EUG! 100% participation! Ray Charles schooled us on NFL penalty signals, and it was cool to hear about Rivet’s career and his continued saga with horses!

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