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Pele Delivers!

AO: score
Q: Charley (f3Pele)
PAX: Crawlspace, Nails, OBC, Prenup, RayCharles, Spool
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Pele made a glorious return and remembered all the pertinent warmup exercises.
THE THANG: After proper warmup, Pele had us grab some toys and delivered a proper workout hitting all the muscle groups. We also took turns on the run to the fence making Ray Charles run faster, and of particular note, OBC defeated a surprised Ray Charles on the last run back from the fence. Even Spool got in on the action picking up the pace back to the touchdown line during field exercises.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Today is Tuesday.
COT: Pele prayed us out and seemed appreciative to be back out in the gloom. 86% participation at the Communist Coffee house. Thanks for Coffee Pele, and it was really great to have you back!

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