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Monday after the Masters

AO: score
Q: Crawlspace
PAX: Lumen, OBC, Spool
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Tried to stretch as much as possible.
THE THANG: Q wasn’t up to running today so we grabbed heavy blocks borrowed from Brickpile stash over by the generator and did curls, OHP, some leg work and three rounds of bench press, Big Boy sit ups and 30 seconds of low plank. Then a very short mosey to the vestibule for some skank sisters and iron cross. Around the corner to the wall for some sitting and calf work. To the courtyard for standing merkin and dip sets. To the lane for just a little running and then did some Lt Dan as we made our way back to the circle to end with Monkey Humpers and a ring of fire. Finished 1 minute early.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Today is Monday!
COT: Prayers for Spool’s wife starting a new job and Caroline, friend of OBC facing a double mastectomy. 75% participation at EUG where we lived vicariously through OBC and his recent and upcoming travels!

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