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Why you walkin’ funny?

AO: sawmill
Q: Rudder (WeaselShaker)
PAX: Flapper, Gepetto, Goodspeed, Lemmy, Full Metal Jacket
FNGs: None
WARMUP: FMJ graciously started with some stretches (yuck!) (I know it’s good for us!) YHC wrapping it up. Our oil derricks SUCK! Gonna be doing lots of those in the days to come.
THE THANG: Arm day was Tuesday, so Thursday is Leg. It was apparent that someone did NOT want to be leg day so they tried to sabotage the Q sheet. We’re installing retina scanners to restrict unauthorized editing. YHC took that as a signal to dial up Intensity Knob to an 11 (Spinal Tap). Tons of squats and Lunges. Pax favorite part was to go down, then half way up and hold. And then half way up and PULSE!!! Lots of Midwife Noises (Lexicon).
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Flapper makes important (exciting) decisions. And, His dad Bob responding to antibiotics. Happy birthday to Goodspeed!
COT: Prayers of gratitude and prayers of petitions.
Devo: Deut 10:16. Don’t give because your seeking favor from God. That’s bribery! Do these things that God does (caring for the Widows, Orphans and Foreigners) in gratitude!! THANKSGIVING!!!

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