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Who’s Mom? EMOM!

AO: Sawmill
Q: Rudder
PAX: Rudder, Haggle, Full Metal Jacket, Goodspeed, Flapper, Musket, Cottontail
FNGs: None
WARMUP: YHC’s usual. SSH, LBAC, IW & Hillbillies, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Butter Churners, Don Quixotes, Finkle Swings. (Not necessarily in that order). You’ll notice no exercise on our Six. You’re welcome.
THE THANG: EMOM. Q designed a workout regimen know that would be easily modifiable for those who wanted a hard workout, and especially for those who are just returning and working their way back in!! Kotters to Haggle.
Exercise never changed. Burpee, Gas Pumper, SSH. YHC called out the number of reps. Started at 1, but never went back. 3 was our easy count. Spiked up to 7’s and 8’s. Warned pax of two upcoming numbers that would suck. A 10 and an 11! Clock would beat most of us. Flapper beat the clock!! Notified pax ahead so they could screw down their discipline and prepare their head for it. All did well! Nobody shirked the challenge. Heart rates were high for all!!
MARY: No time for Mary’s
COT:Musket asked for what every man in COT needs… patience, and to be better fathers. Nuff said!

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