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Today is Ab Day, Today

AO: sawmill
Q: Rudder (WeaselShaker)
PAX: Cheesesteak, Full Metal Jacket, Gepetto, Goodspeed, Flapper
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Disclaimer (yep!) 5 Core Principles then Warm-aroma w/out ab exercises. After all, check out the days title!! So Side Stratal Hops, Little Baby Arm Circles, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Don Quijote, Thru the Tunnel, Merkins, Oil Derecks, Finkel Swings.
THE THANG: Pax mosey to block pile for blocks ‘n bricks.
Each pax takes turns drawing a card (see attached photo) from Sack o’ crunches for the assigned exercise. YHC set Tabata Timer for 60sec/15sec. After Midwife Noises (including YHC) the Q adjusted the timer to 45sec/20sec. After all, it’s a Saturday, it’s light outside and the place is crawling with pollsters. On a Saturday?!? When Q sensed mumblechater diminish, called for a lap around the building as we discussed possibly that Taylor Swift influenced the Chiefs making it to the Super Bowl. Please Taylor…allow the Chiefs to win!!! Please?!?!? Finished with 10 minutes to spare so we reminded ourselves of Thursday Leg Day and Pulse ‘n Hold squats. Finished with some Imperial Walkers (it’s not known exactly how many, we may never know) while we waited for the lone headlamp on the horizon (Gepetto) to join us.
COT:Prayers of Thanksgiving for Bob released from hospital.

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