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Make It Up As We Go Along!

AO: Sawmill
Q: Full Metal Jacket, Cheesesteak, Flapper
PAX: Cheesesteak, Musket, Flapper, Gepetto, Rudder, Full Metal Jacket, Lemmy, Shuttlecock, Valdez
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Stretches/IWs, Hillbillies, TTTs, SSHs
Phase 1 (FMJ)
-Grab coupon
-25 Chest Presses/25 Curls/25 Bent Over Rows/Run to first telephone pole and back/R&R 1x
-25 Shoulder Presses/25 Decline Merks/25 BBSUs(feet in coupon)/Run to first telephone pole and back/R&R 1x
Phase 2 (Cheesesteak)
6 Stations/6 Reps/6x
(Approx 20 yds between each station)
Part 3 (Flapper)
Elevens (across parking lot)
-Merkins and (forgot the name of it!)🙃
-Bear crawl/Crab walk/Bernie/Backward lunges, etc across parking lot each round
-Wall sit w/Arm flutters
-Shuttlecock ran solo
-Gepetto & Valdez running at Sesqui; Lemmy & Rudder pacers
MARY: Ab exercises
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Support Gepetto and Valdez at Sesquicentennial

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