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First beatdown of 2024

AO: sawmill
Q: Flapper
PAX: Betty Crocker, Flapper, Full Metal Jacket, Lemmy, Rudder (WeaselShaker), Valdez, Waterboy, Goulash
FNGs: None
Mosey around building to cheese grater
24 SSH
10 IW
10 HB
10 TTT
10 WM
12 4 count squats
12 4 count Jane fondas both sides
12 4 count fane jondas both sides
12 4 count merkins

Grab block and line up on edge of field
24 overhead press, farmers carry 1/5 of field
24 curls, farmers carry next 1/5
24 kettles, John cusack next 1/5
24 sumo squats with block, bear hug carry next 1/5
24 WW3 sit ups, block on back for last 1/5
24 clean and press, mosey to parking lot and back to blocks
Repeat in reverse order back to parking lot and put blocks away when complete
Mosey to front of building for round of merry with 24 of each exercise (flutters, Ray Charles, gas pumpers, captain crunch, LBCs, American hammer)

@gepetto signed up for Yeti ultra
COT: Yes

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