• When: 2024-01-01
  • QIC: Emmy, Hoboken, Deadstick(Rx2), Brainiac, Ebert, Katniss (R)
  • The PAX: Emmy, Hoboken, Deadstick(Rx2), Brainiac, Ebert, Katniss (R), Ken Doll, Dunphy(R), Glow worm, BooBoo, Flea, 23&Me, Harp, PETA, Bunny, Floppy Disk, Cheddar(R), Ralphie, Cartwheel, Rocking Chair(Rx2), Sauerkraut, Chum (R), Bionic (Rx2), Junkmail (R), Voltron(R), Ponch, Altar Boy, Lego, Coondog, FNG Spencer F3 Sgt Slaughter.

F3 2024 New Year’s Convergence

Conditions cold crisp 40 degrees 


1 FNG 



Runners go with Emmy for 3.50 mile tour of Whiteknoll.  The crowd was small and our leader was full of energy. Bunny kept the pace and the conversation interesting. Fitness was experienced and fellowship was strong

UF Hoboken 

Warm up with a variety of standard F3 exercises

Boneyard BC Deadstick 

 BC Ebert, Brainiac,  Katniss 

The Thang (BC w 3 Qs)

Station 1 w Ebert

10 merkins at the bottom of stadium stairs, 10 LBCs at the top, back down to pull up bars for 10 pull-ups, then 10 dips.

Repeat and add one every round. 

Station 2 w Brainiac 

Side straddle hop x 10 4 ct

Bear crawl up stairs 

Monkey Humpers x 10 4 Ct




Mountain Climvers x 10 4 Ct

Crawl bear down 

Carolina dry docks x 10 4 Ct 




Rinse and repeat

Station 3 w Katniss 

24 squats then…

Up theBig boy stairs 

24 lunge walks then…

Down the big boy stairs 

Rinse and repeat decreasing by 1 rep after every trip up and down BBS.


Back to the flags

Count o rama and name o rama 

FNG named Sgt Slaughter 


5k Be the Buffalo upcoming 


Ho help,  health 

Cheers M


Other pax health

Spoken and unspoken 

Hoboken leads in devo and Prayer.

Be purposeful in all you do.

Be there for one another,  share your sins ,your short comings , with your Lord and Savior,  let your brothers know so we can support and help lift each other up.  

Pledge of Allegiance

Good times this morning seeing some we don’t get to see often.

With love…

Your brother,





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