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Egg-cellent (Sand-less) Bootcamp

AO: sawmill
Q: Rudder (WeaselShaker)
PAX: Betty Crocker, Cheesesteak, Full Metal Jacket, Flapper, Bush
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Do various exercises. Classic ones. Terrible Cadence by YHC. Due to current constantly watching for the long line of tardy Sandlot pax, who were evidently never coming. Beast and his sketchy communications. Lol
THE THANG: Easter bunny laid Easter eggs throughout Sawmills Field of Dreams Pain. Inside each egg had an Exercise, a MOT & Chocolate Malted Robins Eggs to represent the reps. Each one equaled 10 reps (UNO). Seriously! Otherwise, how do we fit 40 Robins Eggs into a plastic egg for the Burpees? JK. ain’t doing 40 burpees!!
MOT to next egg. 12 exercises: SSH, War Hammers, Squats, ATM’s, Gas Pumpers (which FMJ OWNED!!!), Burpees (just one robins egg in that one), Prisoner Squats, BBSU’s, and 4 others. Personal note, never eat a mouthful of Robins Eggs immediately prior to leading cadence.
Bush (runner) finished early and joined us. Betty Crocker (another runner) finished VERY early and left! He didn’t post at coffeeteria!!We’re still trying to do a welfare check on him.
Devo: Matt 26:14. Judas was “used” by money. Just hours earlier, the unnamed woman in Bethany “used” her money. We do both. STEP UP!!! Do great things with your money!! When the Holy Spirit whispers something for you to do….ACT ON IT! HURRY!!
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Northeast Convergences shouldn’t be this hard. Maybe that’s why we stopped doing them, Beast.
COT: Prayers for continued inspiration from our boy Charlie and his battle with cancer. For Bob, Flappers dad, who is improving and able to decrease medications!! Our prayers worked!!
Coffeeteria to follow. Perfect Hash Rounds! Thank you Hardee’s!
Prayers that we all have a holy Saturday as we await his resurrection!

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