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DEKA Strong 75

AO: Sandlot
Q: Bayou
PAX: Bayou, Ruby, Two Doses, Runt, Keith Price (Blooper), The Beast
FNGs: None
SSH IC x 21 + 9: Regular Burpees
– Down and Back Mosey
Single Leg Inch Work Merkins 7:3 + 7 Plank Jack Burpees
– Down and Back Mosey
Imperial Walkers IC x 21 + 5 Broad Jump Burpees
– Down and Back Mosey
Mountain Climbers IC x 21 + 3 4×4 Burpees
– Down and Back Mosey
Typewriter Breakdancers x OYO (6:2) + 1 Breakdancer Burpee
– Down and Back Mosey


Thang 1 – to the Weight Room (3 Rounds)
– 3 Single Arm BO Rows, 3 Cleans, & 3 Push Press (30 or 35 lb Push Press) R & L
– 5 Devils Press (20 or 25 lb Dumbbells)
– 7 Band Pull Downs (Yellow/Black)
– 10 Merkins/Renegade Rows (30 or 35lb Dumbbells)
– 15 Squats (25 or 30 lb Dumbbells)
– 20 Medicine Ball BBSU’s (20 or 25lb Balls)
– 25 Box Step-Up & Overs
– 30 Reverse Lunges (25lb Dumbells)

Thang 2 – Farmers Carry to the Field
– Sled Push/Pull 100 Meters x 3 Rounds (= 50 yards and Back)
– DEKA – Get with Bayou if you are interested
– 3/11/22 – Charleston Convergence, 7am
– February Crappie Fishing Trip Info Forthcoming (2/25 or 3/4)
– Mount Mitchell Hiking Trip
Proverbs 24:16

“A righteous person may fall seven times, but he gets up again. 
However, in a disaster wicked people fall. “

We are not promised a perfect and easy life if we follow Jesus and live according to his ways.  We live in a world that has fallen to corruption and sin, but it is a world that has been saved and redeemed by Jesus Christ on the cross.  He will return soon and make all things new and all things right. But in this time, the righteous can expect trial, especially at the hands of the unrighteous.

We are promised that even if we fall we will rise again.  Resilience is a particular trait of the godly because of our great hope in Jesus and in the Father’s plan for us. We know that we are shaped and refined by trial, so not only do we accept it, we thank God for anything that helps us to grow in our likeness of him.

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