• When: 08/17/2015
  • QIC: SubPrime
  • The PAX: Myrtle, Huffy, OC, Costanza, Gump, Polo, Gypsy, Windy, Stent, SubPrime

#Ramble takes on the #BarnwellHalfPipe

Another muggy Monday slapped the #Ramble pax in the face this morning and unfortunately the plan and route offered no relief.  Would it be hills or speed?  With the #BRR less than a month away the answer should have been quite obvious.  Repeats were on the docket this day and no better way to provide them than through a field trip to the #BarnwellHalfPipe.

Conditions – 74 and humid

The Thang

Depart SPC heading down Devine toward 5-Points.  Right on Harden, left on Greene, right on Barnwell (#BonusHill), cross Gervais and hold up just on the other side (1.38 mile trip/warm-up).


  • Run down the hill and up the hill on the other side stopping shy of Hampton Street.  Turn around and run back down that hill and up the steep hill to Gervais.
    • Rinse & Repeat until 6:05

Return to SPC following our footsteps.  5.58 total miles covered with most, if not all, completing 7 half-pipe laps.


BOM – Closed out by YHC


  • Nothing fancy about this workout.  Just some roll-up your sleeves hill work.  The gasping for air led to minimal #MumbleChatter and thankfully for YHC very few insults slung my way.
  • Not sure what got into Gump, Windy, and Myrtle on the return trip to SPC but they pulled away from the pax bigtime.  Solid effort.
  • A special T-Claps to the non-BRR #Ramble pax.  You’re taking this hill work in stride and, in YHC’s opinion, reaping the benefits.  We’re almost home….


  • F3 #theSpur launches Saturday morning at 7:00 at the Blatt PE Center field (Wheat St. near Sumter).
  • #Woodshed 1-year anniversary #convergence is Saturday, 8/29 at the shed.
  • Fall Mud Run is lurking…just over two months out now.  Talk to Heist if interested.
  • Lots of opportunities to get involved with leadership this fall.  Vacation season is coming to a close and it’s time to buckle back down.

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