• When: 08/17/15
  • QIC: Sled
  • The PAX: Big Time, OBC, Sled

Score has a brick party

What a great morning to be out in the gloom and a great way to start the week, as our kids are getting ready to go back to school.  Only three guys came out this morning, but one of them was OBC, who is nursing an injury – that is F3 strong.  Enjoyed being with the fellows.

Condition: 75 degrees

The Thang:

Mosey to the parking lot beside the bricks and circle up.


SSH x25 IC

Line hops for one minute

Stationary lunges 20 each leg, OYO

Next set of exercises everyone was told to keep their arms up until the end: Little baby arm circles forward x25 IC and backwards x25 IC; Overhead claps x40 IC; Raise the roof x25 IC

Grab bricks, hold over shoulders, and jog to front corner of Dreher

Five minute AMRAP: 10 merkins, 15 arm flutters, 20 big boy situps (all with bricks)

High knee walk with bricks over shoulders to sign in front of school

Five minute AMRAP: 20 curls for the girls with bricks, 20 tri-cep extensions with bricks, 20 reverse LBCs holding bricks out to side

Mosey to wall, where cones were waiting. Everyone does peoples chair with bricks  held over head

First person jogs to first cone, 25 yards out, and does 20 LBCs, while others remain in peoples chair holding bricks.

As first person completes LBCs, second person jogs to first cone and does LBCs, while first person moves to second cone to do 10 Burpees.  Third person moves into pattern when second person completes LBCs

Pax keep moving to cones that are set up in a big square, 5 total, alternating between LBCs and Burpees. Each cone 25-40 yards apart. When first person gets back to wall, gets back into peoples chair with bricks until the remaining pax are done.

Mosey to patio with bricks over head.

Five minute AMRAP: 10 dips, 10 step ups (each leg), 10 decline merkins

Final COP:

Next set of exercises everyone was told to keep their feet in the air until the end: Rosalitas x25 IC; Hello Dolly x25 IC; Freddie Mercury x25 IC; Flutters x25 IC.

COT: With Brickpile guys. Happy Trees announced the Bull on Fire, which involves running the Bull with fire equipment.  Happy Trees also announced the one year anniversary of Woodshed on August 28.  All Columbia workouts will be held there that day, beginning at 7am.

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