• When: 10/05/15
  • QIC: Dark Helmet & Solid State

Loaves and Fishes… PAX please keep helping Columbia.

Loads, nay, tons of support has been poured out on the Columbia PAX, but we are far from out of the woods. Spiderman is trying to garner support for a Columbus day trip to help folks start the clean up process. There will be A LOT to do. If you’ve been following the news, twitter, etc., then you’ve seen the devastation. It’s not widespread like Katrina, but for those folks affected, it’s close to that level of devastation. We are also still taking donations.

SO DONATE! Bring supplies to your AOs tomorrow and the rest of the week: Dry food, water (LOTS OF WATER), toiletries, clothes, and especially blankets or other bedding. EVERYTHING and anything helps. If you can’t make that, then drop supplies by my house: 7183 Meyer Rd. (near The Coop) We will be taking more loads down tomorrow and all week long.

Thank you for your generosity thus far. Let’s keep it going.

Someone tonight as they were dropping supplies by said, “It’s not much, but it’s what we could do.” I said that a lot of “not muches” makes a whole pile of “somethings”.

It made me think of the stories of Christ feeding the 5,000; or the account of the Widow’s Mite. Men, let’s cast in what we have, add it to the growing stacks, and make a dent in the suffering of another human being. The little we can do WILL MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE. We are promised it is so…

Additionally, if you have the means and are so inclined, here’s the link to the GoFundMe site: http://gofundme.com/9x5mxfv8

Helmet out…

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